How does it all work?

We provide the minimal amount of features you would need to manage your projects. Each feature has been carefully built around a delicate balance of detail and minimalism.


Organize your ideas, features, and workloads into projects.


Keep track of things you need to accomplish to complete your project. By setting priorities and due dates where you need them, you can be sure that you'll get the project completed.


Need to write down your thoughts and ideas? Discussions is a great place to record conversations and hammer out ideas.


Create events in your schedule to keep track of important dates. The simple interface gives you very easy way to do that.


Write up documentation using markdown, or upload files for safe storage.

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Our main objective at Plan·Retro is to focus on speed and simplicity. We want to build a product that will let you quickly perform the least amount of work in managing your projects.

You'll notice that we don't rely on heavy user interfaces.

Get in, do what you need to do, then get back to doing work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why another project management application?

Choice is good. Plan·Retro puts a great deal of focus on speed and simplicity. Our aim is to build a rich set of project management features, without compromising speed and performance.

Can I ask you to implement a certain feature?

You can certainly ask!

What browsers do you support?

All of them.

Do I need to have javascript enabled?

We use a minimal amount of Javascript, but for most cases, no, you do not need Javascript.

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